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Madison Perrin

Madison Perrin

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5 Reasons to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports your website traffic and activity. The use of Analytics not only makes it easier for your business to understand how your website is working, or not working, but it also allows you to understand how your customers and prospects are engaging with the content on your site.

Using Your Website as a Marketing Tool

Have you ever looked at your business' website and wondered, "What is the point of this thing?" If so, you've probably got some work to do. A website should not be something that is built, published, and never touched again. If you really think about it, your website serves several functions, such as attracting new leads, processing sales, and advertising your brand. One of the greatest ways a business can hurt themselves is by treating their website like an online brochure, instead of their strongest marketing asset. With that in mind, don’t you want a website that doesn’t just work, but works for you?

The Importance of Setting SMART Goals

This blog is part of the How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day eBook download.

Who Should Monitor Social Media Within an Organization?

Monitoring your business’ social media presence is extremely important in today’s technology driven world. As it turns out, yesterday’s customer service call has become today’s customer service tweet–making it a public exchange. And although it is hard work and can be quite time-consuming, monitoring your social media channels is necessary in order to:

Millennials Love Direct Mail

It seems like the question of the hour, or the last few years, is, “how do we connect with Millennials?” The infamous generation is seen as a group of young people who heavily rely on their parents for financial support, are addicted to technology, and don’t pay attention to anything for more than a few seconds. So, how do we communicate with an audience who isn’t interested in anything they can’t find on their phone? Your first thought probably isn’t direct mail, but it should be.

Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts with Hashtags

The hashtag, established in 2007, was brought to Twitter as a way for users to filter through content to easily find information/conversations that match their interests. A decade later, the hashtag continues to thrive and become more and more crucial in the navigation of social media platforms. Commonly referred to as a pound sign, hashtags are used to create micro-communities within a platform.

Being Choosy with LinkedIn Requests

This blog is part of the How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day eBook download. 

Ugh, I’m a Millennial

Ok, I’m just going to come right out and say it: I’M A MILLENNIAL. I know, how awful, right? The world has conditioned me to loathe myself because I’m “lazy,” “entitled,” and “don’t know how good I’ve got it.” I have grown to learn that I, because of my age, am the worst kind of human there is… Which really sucks. What people don’t know about Millennials is that we’re actually a pretty kick ass group of humanoids and we can really help you old folks out.

Are Baby Boomers the Perfect Inbound Marketing Targets?

If you had to take a wild guess, which generation would you say uses the internet the most? Millennials? Generation X? Baby Boomers? If you’re not in tune with the marketing world, that can be a tough question. But, of course, the Millennial generation absolutely, by far, sweeps all categories of internet use. Baby Boomers, however, aren’t too far behind. So, if Baby Boomers are online, where are they, what are they doing, and how do we reach them? Let’s explore.

Using Social Media for a Startup Business

When it comes to running a startup business, your main focus should be spreading brand awareness. According to Forbes.com, about 90% of all startups fail within their first few years. There are many reasons why a startup could fail. Too many to name here, in fact. But one of the mail reasons startups fail so often is because they spend all their money on bad marketing that gets them nowhere. A great way to save money while marketing your business is to use social media platforms. This allows you to appeal to, and build loyalty among, your intended target audiences for free.