Farm-Way Case Study

The Company

Farm-Way is a well-known outdoor gear retailer in Bradford, Vermont. Closely held and family owned & operated, the company’s primary place of business is a large brick and mortar store with multiple buildings, many product categories, and thousands of SKU’s. They also maintain an e-commerce website with order processing and fulfillment at their Vermont facility.

The Situation

Farm-Way is a bit of an anomaly because of its wide range of products in many categories, from clothing and jewelry to fencing and hay. It’s also a destination for shoppers living within a wide radius of their location and travelers visiting the state who are familiar with the Farm-Way brand. As such, there was a great opportunity to build upon the Farm-Way online fan-base and increase strategic engagement.

The Process

We began by optimizing their Facebook page and then branched out to include other social media platforms. With a cast of colorful characters, a bevy of great stories to tell, and a wide variety of great products to feature, there was no shortage of content ideas. Because Farm-Way’s only website is currently focused on their e-commerce business, social media and email are the primary online presence and focus.

Several social media sweepstakes and photo contests have served to grow the number of online followers, to build excitement around their promotions, to increase their email numbers, and to reinforce and enhance their brand.

The Result

Hydrate achieved a 65% increase, organically, in Facebook likes in the first 15 months with double digit increases in engagement across all metrics. Customers are more aware of their product offerings and various promos that they run throughout the year. 



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