FUJIFILM Dimatix Case Study

The Company

With facilities in Santa Clara, CA and Lebanon, NH FUJIFILM Dimatix is the world's leading provider of inkjet printheads for commercial and industrial printing. They are evolving inkjetting into a micro-production process that will revolutionize the manufacture of electronic and bioscience applications. The company's technology innovations and world-class fabrication processes enable high-performance, micro-precision printing and deposition of traditional inks and nano-particle fluids on all types of surfaces, including flexible substrates.

The Situations

Dimatix was faced with two very different situations that involved digital marketing.

To  begin with, the company had experienced tremendous growth over the last 5 years and expanded their facilities in Lebanon, NH to meet the need for increased production. This expansion necessitated the hiring of an additional 60-90 workers in production, along with a dozen positions in engineering and administration. Faced with an extremely low unemployment rate in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont, the company struggled to find employees.

Even though FUJIFILM Dimatix employees 600 people at their Lebanon, NH campuses, the company was not widely known within the community. As a result, it was difficult to effectively advertise their open positions and explain to the local workforce that it is a great place to work with a vibrant culture.

Secondly, even though business was thriving in several sectors of their product line, there was an opportunity to grow even further into market segments that weren't aware of their solutions. To effectively reach their target markets, product teams realized that they needed to expand upon the legacy sales tactics that had propelled them in the past and incorporate contemporary, inbound marketing methodologies to increase consumer engagement. 

The Process

Hydrate Marketing was hired to examine FUJIFILM’s local and internal marketing processes in order to determine how the company could effectively deliver its message and increase awareness within the local community. The company was relying on traditional, outbound marketing techniques like radio and newspaper to advertise positions, but with minimal success. We determined that because of a lack of online presence in the local market, the company was limited in their ability to give potential employees insight into their company culture and workplace values.

Hydrate Marketing began with developing a social media marketing plan that included regularly generated content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. At the same time, we developed a story board for a video that would give insight into the inner workings of the company and its culture, while showing the facility, the various company departments, and employee interviews. With social media stories, press releases, videos, and website landing pages, we also began sharing the stories of FUJIFILM Dimatix’ involvement in community outreach through their ground-breaking STEM internship, their robotics team sponsorship with local schools, and their commitment to producing 20,000 COVID-19 face shields to be donated to first responders at local hospitals. 

In tandem, Hydrate continues to work with product managers, marketing, and business development in formulating and implementing strategies for increased product awareness, consumer engagement, and lead generation. These activities include value proposition development workshops led by Dan Evans, website optimization, conversion path development, lead generation and nurturing, video production, photography, content generation, email marketing, and social media. Many of the inbound marketing tools used in the process are available in their HubSpot marketing portal. This included HubSpot's free CRM tools, email marketing, landing pages, blogs, calls-to-action (CTA's), live chat, chatbots, SEO, and digital advertising. 

The Result

Within a matter of weeks after rolling out their social media and public awareness campaigns, all open production positions were filled and resumes were flowing in from across the country for engineering positions. More importantly, the wider community is learning more about FUJIFILM Dimatix and the role it plays as a primary local employer, STEM education leader, and community partner.

The company is also increasing engagement with existing clients in order to grow share of customer, and taking consumer engagement to new levels with tools and processes that maximize the value of their website traffic. 


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