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From short-term projects to long-term agency relationships, we’re valued team members providing strategic marketing, research, social media marketing, branding, graphic design, PR, email marketing, copywriting, content marketing, advertising, digital media, and website design. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a seasoned team of professionals that know how to tell your story, drive traffic, and build brand equity.

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Clara Moses

Account & Content Manager

Clara actively collaborates with her client accounts and the Hydrate team to plan and implement campaigns. While she is a lover of process and procedure, her main passion is helping businesses tell their stories through content. She has successfully done this using a variety of channels, including blogs, marketing emails, social media, videos, and podcasts.

With a journalism and creative writing background, she brings a combination of technical skills and out-of-the-box thinking to the table.

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Dan Evans

Fractional CMO

Dan is a Fractional CMO utilizing over 20 years of sales, marketing, management, leadership, and entrepreneurial experience to work with companies in the design and implementation of branding, marketing, and growth strategies. 
Dan helps to oversee primary strategy for the Hydrate team and for our clients. A serial networker and sucker for public speaking, he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of Hydrate and mentors the staff on delivering exceptional value and results to our clients. 

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Madison Merrihew

Agency & Account Manager,
Lead Consultant

Madison is one of our agency’s two Account Managers and acts as the Lead Consultant for all of our clients, working closely with them on strategy and project management. As our Agency Manager, she coordinates the daily marketing activities of the Hydrate team.

Madison's expertise in strategy, social media marketing, digital advertising, campaign planning, and inbound marketing, along with her creativity, attention to detail, and organizational skills are a great asset to the agency and to her clients.

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Lara Maville

Graphic Design

Lara had been working as a designer at a marketing agency for 11 years before she went rogue in 2008 and started a freelance business. She has experience designing a multitude of printed materials, logos, and websites. She has worked with a large base of local clients including The Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth, Dartmouth College Advancement Communications, Creare, and King Arthur Flour.

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Heidi Judd

Social Media Specialist & Graphic Designer

Heidi, a lifelong artist with experience in printmaking and drawing, is skilled at working with visual mediums. She is a talented graphic designer and photographer who uses her abilities to craft creative and effective posts for various client accounts across social media platforms. Any time we need a designer’s touch on a marketing or branding project, she is happy to lend a hand. Heidi plays a significant role in many Hydrate projects, especially video production.

Our Branding Team

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Stephen Rustad

Brand Creation & Management

Stephen believes that an honest self-assessment is the essential key to making a meaningful change. He can help your company distinguish itself in an original, authentic, simple, humorous and direct manner. Furthermore, as your company grows, an ongoing relationship can help your brand or marketing message evolve in an organic, consistent, and engaging manner.


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Randall Chet


Randall offers the very highest standards of attention and creative focus. An ad agency veteran, he knows that the real value for the customer is bringing together his skills and experience. Probably the most important skill Randall offers is listening. The key to success in marketing communications is the ability to quickly understand the marketing needs, backgrounds, and tastes of our customers.


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