Springfield Print Integrated Case Study

The Company

Springfield Printing Corp. (SPC) is a commercial digital and offset printer in Vermont. A closely held, family business, they’ve been around for decades. Their primary markets include colleges, prep schools, manufacturing, design, and book publishers.

The Situation

SPC underwent a brand change in 2007 that resulted in off-brand messaging and confusion about what their core products and services were. The management team wanted to rebrand and update their marketing strategy in order to stay competitive, maintain growth, and maximize production capacity. 

The Process

We began our interaction by interviewing the owners and reviewing financial reporting documents to gain a deep understanding of their current situation in terms of products, services, customers, challenges, and opportunities. From there, we developed goals, objectives, and a plan to do a brand refresh, build a new website, and incorporate ongoing inbound and outbound marketing strategies and campaigns.

SPC became a Hubspot customer and Hydrate worked with their management team and sales staff on onboarding and migrating their existing processes and assets over to the Hubspot portal. In addition, the Hydrate team continues to develop and implement marketing campaigns that contain elements of content generation, social media marketing, email marketing, copy writing, online advertising, and print collateral. 

The Result

SPC’s branding and messaging accurately reflects their core offerings and value. The company is utilizing content and email marketing to attract and engage their target markets, and blogs, landing pages, and calls-to-action to acquire leads and conversions. Hydrate continues to work closely with the sales staff to follow up and nurture leads. 


springfield printing
springfield printing

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