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How to Optimize Your Facebook Profile

Much like your website, your business’s Facebook profile should be evolving and growing over time. This means consistent posting, interacting, updating profile information and links, and taking advantage of Facebook’s new features as they’re released. The Facebook algorithm is the driving force behind this. You want to connect with your audience and the best way to do that is to build out your profile and be present on the platform.

Here are a few ways to optimize your Facebook profile.

First of all – we should make this point very clear – how you use your profile needs to change over time. The type of content that is popular and how audiences are consuming it is constantly fluctuating, which means part of your job is to stay on top of what Facebook users are looking for so you can use those trends to positively impact the posts you create. For example, people spend five times longer looking at video than static content on the platform. This tells you that you would benefit from making video production and posting part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Profile Picture & Cover Photo
These are more important than a lot of people realize. Both are immediately noticeable to anyone who lands on your Facebook page.  So, your profile picture should be consistent across all social media platforms. It is a key identifier for those who are looking for you online. This is why a bright, crisp company logo is the general recommendation for business profiles. Your cover photo can also be used to help reinforce your branding. Get creative and make it attractive! Featuring a particular product or service that is either a specialty or current focus has proven to be an effective strategy. Don't forget to write a descriptive and engaging caption to go with the photo!

About Tab
This is a feature we often see businesses neglecting. Sharing a short intro bio, contact information, and your hours is a great start, but there is so much more you can add. Examples include your business category, service area, diversity info, price range, and services. The more descriptors you provide, the easier it will be for interested users to find you on Facebook. 

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to grow your business is with client referrals. If you have happy customers, ask them to share their stories on Facebook. Then, interact with their reviews by liking and commenting to increase their reach. When potential customers come to your page and find up-to-date, positive reviews, they’re much more likely to click through to your website or send you a message. One way to get more reviews could be through a marketing email campaign that includes a link your customers can follow to your business’s Facebook page where they can share their reviews. 

Your audience is online, looking for interesting and engaging content, just like you were when you found this blog. As long as you are present on Facebook, sharing relevant and compelling content, and engaging with other users, you’re on the right path! If you’d like to learn more about content creation, when to post, and who to follow, feel free to reach out.

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