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Madison Merrihew

Madison Merrihew

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Are Baby Boomers the Perfect Inbound Marketing Targets?

If you had to take a wild guess, which generation would you say uses the internet the most? Millennials? Generation X? Baby Boomers? If you’re not in tune with the marketing world, that can be a tough question. But, of course, the Millennial generation absolutely, by far, sweeps all categories of internet use. Baby Boomers, however, aren’t too far behind. So, if Baby Boomers are online, where are they, what are they doing, and how do we reach them? Let’s explore.

Using Social Media for a Startup Business

When it comes to running a startup business, your main focus should be spreading brand awareness. According to Forbes.com, about 90% of all startups fail within their first few years. There are many reasons why a startup could fail. Too many to name here, in fact. But one of the mail reasons startups fail so often is because they spend all their money on bad marketing that gets them nowhere. A great way to save money while marketing your business is to use social media platforms. This allows you to appeal to, and build loyalty among, your intended target audiences for free.

Building Trust Online

The Internet can be a cold and lonely place. When it comes to establishing viewer trust, having solid calls-to-action, offering engaging content, and responding quickly to customer inquiries isn’t always enough. Though it’s not easy, it’s also not impossible to gain the trust of your viewers.

Reducing Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate is a metric that shows the percentage of people who land on your page (visit your website) and leave without clicking any links. These visitors are often referred to as “single-page visitors.” A single page visit could happen for many reasons: Maybe someone accidentally clicked on your page; maybe they thought you offered a different service than what is presented on your home page; or maybe they just don’t like the way your page looks, so they leave. Whatever the case may be, when you look at your page’s bounce rate, you want to see a low percentage, so let’s work on that.

Why Blog

The art of blogging has come a long way since it first began, back in the 1990’s. Originally, blogging was a way for people to share their stories, opinions, and experiences. Now, blogging has expanded into a useful, inexpensive, and effective marketing tool.