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Millennials Love Direct Mail

It seems like the question of the hour, or the last few years, is, “how do we connect with Millennials?” The infamous generation is seen as a group of young people who heavily rely on their parents for financial support, are addicted to technology, and don’t pay attention to anything for more than a few seconds. So, how do we communicate with an audience who isn’t interested in anything they can’t find on their phone? Your first thought probably isn’t direct mail, but it should be.

Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts with Hashtags

The hashtag, established in 2007, was brought to Twitter as a way for users to filter through content to easily find information/conversations that match their interests. A decade later, the hashtag continues to thrive and become more and more crucial in the navigation of social media platforms. Commonly referred to as a pound sign, hashtags are used to create micro-communities within a platform.

What Really Matters in Facebook Posts

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I spend a lot of time in Facebook, managing posts for clients, placing ads, optimizing pages, seeing what other marketers and companies are up to, and listening to my friend Bill brag about the warm weather in California.

The 20-Minute Stand Up Meeting

We’ve all been in them before. Long, tedious, nonsensical, directionless periods of time when groups of us sit around a table and pretend to be crafting brilliant strategies and turning early morning epiphanies into actionable plans. They can often resemble an out-of-body experience or a visit to the Twilight Zone.

How to Do Social If You’re Not Social

This blog is part of the How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day eBook download.


We’re a little less than a decade into our current social-media dominated era, and at this point, there is no going back. For many, seven or so years was enough to get on the learning curve and adjust to a radically shifted way of life. They’ve mastered the balance between different social media feeds, they know the lingo, and they know when and how to disconnect and find time away from the bleeps and bloops of constant online notifications.

Email List Hygiene

Let’s talk about hygiene. We all recognize its importance in the mundane areas of life, but not all of us have considered the concept as it applies to our online marketing strategy –specifically, something marketers refer to as “email list hygiene.” As the name indicates, email list hygiene’s objective is to optimize the efficacy of email marketing campaigns and e-blasts by keeping contact lists “clean.”

Does Print Fit Into a Digital Marketing World?

As marketers, we often compare different mediums to one another in order to better understand the art of communication. A primary question on our minds: how does the act of reading words typed on a screen differ from reading those on a physical page? How might such a difference influence the way our brains absorb and process information? Although these questions are not new, they are more relevant than ever as technology provides us with more and more options for media consumption. This issue has prompted more than a hundred studies since as far back as the 1980s, in which researchers have attempted to measure how digital interfaces affect reading comprehension and speed. Across the board, they have found a gap –one that is significantly less pronounced now than it was thirty years ago, but still extant. Current reports reaffirm older ones, asserting that reading on screens is generally a slower, less attentive, and less comprehensive process than reading on paper.

Gotta Love Facebook Marketing

This blog is part of the How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day eBook download.


Yesterday I worked on a Facebook ad campaign with my client and friend, Barry Seaver at The Wealth Conservatory. Even though I’ve worked on hundreds of Facebook ad campaigns, I was still getting excited and jazzed putting the pieces of the campaign together. So, why is that?

Being Choosy with LinkedIn Requests

This blog is part of the How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day eBook download. 

I Love the Smell of Strategy in the Fall!

One of the great things about living in New England is the change of seasons. While we may not love each and every season and its characteristics, there’s something both comforting and energizing about the change.