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Email Marketing Tips: Improve Your Engagement Rates

In many ways, your email list is your greatest asset. Email is consistently ranked number one among marketing activities with a whopping 2,900% ROI. Whether you're a B2C business sending transactional emails or a B2B business guiding leads and prospects through the buyer's journey with nurturing campaigns, email is where the rubber meets the road. But running a successful email marketing campaign takes planning and knowledge of how to maximize your engagement.

The 5 Biggest Alignment Challenges Facing Marketing & Sales Teams

There’s a reason why talk about marketing and sales team alignment is all the rage right now. It’s the basis of so many important and emergent marketing and sales trends – the move from lead gen to demand gen, the shift to RevOps from siloed ops, selling to a committee vs. an individual with account-based marketing (ABM), and making a move towards asynchronous selling.

While there are many upsides to this alignment, there are just as many obstacles facing teams as they try to get on the same page. Read on to break down the top five challenges facing marketing and sales teams as they try to align, as well as a few solutions for making team alignment a reality.

Where Should Your Digital Advertising Dollars Go?

You don’t need to be told this, especially because you are currently reading a blog on an electronic device, but we are living in a digital world! When it comes to marketing and advertising, your messages are best received when you meet people where they’re at. These days, they are undoubtedly online. We’re not saying burn all print publications, turn off your radios, and get rid of your TV. However, when it comes to advertising, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, the digital space is the place to go. If you haven’t thought beyond traditional media yet, now is the time to add some new types of ads to your repertoire.

Top 5 Instagram Features

It can be hard to keep up with all the free features Instagram offers because of how quickly the platform updates these days. Never fear! We’ve identified which ones you should familiarize yourself with, and why. Below is some bite-sized information about each worthwhile Instagram feature to get you started…

Use Marketing Campaigns for Greater Success in 2022

Marketing can seem overwhelming. It never stops because everything you do is designed to lead to another thing, and then another. It's a never-ending cycle of SEO, ads, leads, calls-to-action, downloads, blogs, conversion paths, content, prospects, emails, social media, subscribers, and data collection. 

Instagram Marketing Strategy Tips

It’s hard to believe that Instagram has been around for a decade! At this point, being present on the platform has proven to be very worthwhile for brands, especially if one of their goals is to increase social media engagement. Instagram generates four times more interactions than Facebook!

How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

If you’re in sales or business development, optimizing your personal brand is a necessity because so much of the sales cycle takes place online these days. But regardless of whether you’re in sales or not, optimizing your personal brand makes good sense in a world where people increasingly distrust corporations and are more interested in getting to know the individuals behind the brand.

Building Your Personal Brand

When was the last time you got excited about meeting a really interesting person through business and visited their LinkedIn profile to find they have seven connections and no portrait image?

Short-Form Video Basics for Brands

You don’t have to be a marketer to know that video is the current king of content. According to a 2020 study by Wyzowl, people share videos at twice the rate than any other form of content. This same study found that 84% of people were convinced to buy a product or service based on a branded video.

5 Ways to Do SEO Like a Pro

In the age of the Empowered Buyer, it’s crucial to make it easy for your target audiences to find you online. These days, consumers are already halfway to making a purchasing decision before they reach out to you directly. This is because they are doing their research digitally, and therefore have no need to contact you right away.